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5 Tips for “Going Live” to Stay Connected with Your Customers

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The world is in a strange spot right now. The situation surrounding COVID-19 changes every day, and it’s hard to say when things may go back to “normal.” Many businesses are struggling to find ways to stay connected to their customers, even while their doors remain closed. Maybe you can relate. Good news! The doors of social media are always …

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Filtered Reviews? We’re Here to Yelp!

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Online Reputation Management & Yelp Online reputation management is a significant facet of digital PR and must be monitored and maintained accordingly. In the modern digital age, many consumers turn to online resources and websites to search for local businesses to accommodate their needs and wants. This is why having a positive online reputation is essential as it increases your …

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Time to “Fall” Out of These Five Bad Marketing Habits

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Happy Fall! This time of year, it’s all about the cooler weather (even if it is only 5 or 10 degrees cooler here in Florida!), the start of our busy seasons and of course, pumpkin spice. While you’re sipping your PSL, take a moment to consider any bad marketing strategy habits you may have picked up… To get you started, …

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Build it. Track it. Analyze it.

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UTM codes… A simple way to track exactly where traffic to your website is coming from and can easily be used by Google Analytics to measure, track and sort all data derived from these links. Why use UTM codes? Think about it this way: If you have 5 different sources pointing to 1 link, UTM codes are the easiest and …

Signs and Symptoms Your Website May Need to be Redesigned

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As technologies evolve on the web, the habits and behaviors of the user are changed. In response to these changes, companies are re-launching their websites to tailor the user’s online habits and needs. A “website redesign” is much more than just updating the look and feel of the website. It involves re-assessing your target audience and creating solutions to their new …