Community buy-in is critical for certain projects. How well engaged are you?

General Community Relations

An often-overlooked part of a business’ public relations is community relations. Non-profits rely heavily on it, but businesses tend to overlook the opportunities that lie in community relations.

Community relations, or outreach programs, go beyond sponsoring events and can include social and community awareness goals. They are designed to promote awareness among a business’ community – whether it is geographical or a specific target audience. Effective community relations require overseeing the image of the business while fostering relationships to strengthen its bond in the area and with the people it does business.

Grassroots Public Relations/Outreach

Grassroots public relations or grassroots campaigns are meant to motivate people from the ground up. They are often associated with government campaigns and involve creating opinion change. These are the “boots-on-the-ground” campaigns. However, businesses and nonprofits can benefit from grassroots efforts as well. From working with opinion leaders to creating community buy-in, we can help you with your grassroots efforts.

If you need community relations as part of your marketing communications mix, we can help.
“PTE has been so instrumental in helping the us gain recognition in the community. Their understanding of our work and behind the scenes support has been valuable to us!”Susan E. Block, Ed.M. CEO
Early Learning Coalition of Southwest Florida

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