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Happy Small Business Week – Succeed and Save with Compass!

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We’re excited to celebrate this year’s Small Business Week, and Small Business Month, by giving small businesses, startups, and nonprofit organizations a marketing boost where it’s needed most! We’re a small business too, so we know how important it is to spread the word about the awesomeness of your organization. So how does a business or organization flourish without stellar …

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Accepting 2017 Push It Forward Grant Applications

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Are you a local nonprofit organization? Do you need help creating and implementing a public relations/marketing plan for your organization? Pushing the Envelope, in honor of our 11th anniversary celebration, has announced our Annual Push It Forward Grant. The Push It Forward Grant is our way of giving back to the Southwest Florida community by providing 20 hours of public …

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Is Your Restaurant Leveraging Social Media?

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What’s all the buzz about? Well, everyone must eat! We can all agree that food is part of our everyday lives. So, it’s no surprise that food is a leading topic on social media. Common trends like the gluten-free diet, fitness and clean eating, to social issues surrounding how our food is processed are popular. People are talking, so how …

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Marketing Firm vs. In-House – 5 Questions to Ask

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By: Samantha Scott, APR Should we hire a marketing firm or a staff person? It’s a question many business owners face and the answer is different depending on your goals, needs and budget, but there are also commonalities as well. Maybe you’re handling the marketing now and you aren’t able to anymore. Maybe you have a staff person doing marketing, …

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Checking Into Barcelona

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The Barcelona Principles…although sounding an awful lot like an EU Summit meeting, they are, in fact, a declaration of measurement principles agreed upon by organizations, academics, businesses and even government within the public relations and marketing industry. In 2010, these measurement principles were decided upon and now, five years later, they have been updated.

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The Giving Tree- How To Partner With A Charitable Organization

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It should come as no surprise that donating to charitable organizations is beneficial for businesses. Corporate giving makes a clear statement to your customers that you value your community, care for the people in it and believe in sharing the responsibility to support our less fortunate. Not only can it build brand trust externally but, it can also internally strengthen your team by giving employees an opportunity to band together for a cause they are passionate about.

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Digital Ad Trends 2016-2019

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In a time where talking assistants such as Siri and the ability to control home appliances with a simple tap on your phone are typical daily assets, it should be no surprise that digital advertisements are now a regular part of our lives. How can this technology be used to the advantage of your business? And how important will digital advertising be in comparison to more traditional advertising methods in the coming years? These questions are vital to the success of your brand and staying up-to-date on upcoming trends.