Being good stewards to our community is part of our culture. Our team lives, works and plays in beautiful Southwest Florida. Many of our clients do as well, so it’s only right that we provide support and give back.

Pushing it Forward
Similar to the concept of “paying it forward”, Push it Forward is our company’s way of giving back. We support a number of non-profits and initiatives in the area while also facilitating our own programs. From donating services to donating funds when we’re able, we partner with the community to help it and our neighbors grow. Every effort is based on a local need.

Our longest running initiative, our CAN IT! Campaign grew out of a need within our community. People, entire families, were going hungry so we banned together with clients, family members and friends to collect food and donate it to Community Cooperative, our local food pantry/soup kitchen. Fast-forward and we’ve collected thousands of pounds of food to help the needy in our community and do the campaign annually.

Rise Up
“Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.” Les Brown

Rise Up also grew out of the realization of needs. Rise Up is designed specifically to help others literally rise up—improve themselves and their careers. From the students who participate in our internship program to the non-profit leaders who benefit from our pro-bono presentations, or even still, our colleagues who are looking to enhance their professional skills, we’re honored to help others grow professionally.

It’s amazing what can be accomplished when a little effort is put forth. How can you make an impact in your community? How can we help?

We are blessed to be able to give back and enjoy pushing it forward whenever we can.