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Filtered Reviews? We’re Here to Yelp!

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Online Reputation Management & Yelp Online reputation management is a significant facet of digital PR and must be monitored and maintained accordingly. In the modern digital age, many consumers turn to online resources and websites to search for local businesses to accommodate their needs and wants. This is why having a positive online reputation is essential as it increases your …

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Time to “Fall” Out of These Five Bad Marketing Habits

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Happy Fall! This time of year, it’s all about the cooler weather (even if it is only 5 or 10 degrees cooler here in Florida!), the start of our busy seasons and of course, pumpkin spice. While you’re sipping your PSL, take a moment to consider any bad marketing habits you may have picked up… To get you started, we’ve …

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Marketing Takeaways from Holiday Shopping

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Just a week or so after Black Friday and Cyber Monday and now well into the holiday season, we’ve all been inundated with ads, coupons, promotions and sales for pretty much any product or service we’ve ever Googled. But through the onslaught, we (as PR professionals) have noticed a few marketing trends that would benefit businesses all year round. Here is our top 3.

Does Facebook’s Algorithm Change Mean A Change in Marketing?

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By Diana Leadley Digital Marketing Coordinator Facebook Is Doing What Again? Third time is a charm! Starting in the beginning of the 2015 New Year, Facebook is changing its algorithm once again, this time making an impact on businesses that advertise through the social media platform. This particular algorithm will limit the number of promotional posts that appear on users’ …

2014 Facebook Timeline Update

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By Matt Mernin Interactive Web Developer If there’s one thing you can count on with Facebook, it’s change. Your page may have already been updated, but if not, you will eventually receive a notification (as seen pictured on right), allowing you to update immediately, or wait until the date noted. When this change occurs, there are a few things to …

The Net Neutrality Discussion

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By: Alex Fernandez Internet Marketing Strategist Halloween is a pretty big deal here at PTE. Typically we get pretty awesome costumes together, bring is some sugar-laden treats and otherwise celebrate the scariest of holidays. To go along with this week of All Hallow’s Eve – this week’s blog is about one of the scariest issues for start-ups and small businesses: …

Signs and Symptoms Your Website May Need to be Redesigned

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By: Matt Mernin Interactive Web Developer As technologies evolve on the web, the habits and behaviors of the user are changed.  In response to these changes, companies (including Pushing the Envelope) are re-launching their websites to tailor the user’s online habits and needs. A “website redesign” is much more than just updating the look and feel of the website. It …

WordPress for your Custom Website Platform – Part 3: Themes vs. Templates

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By: Alex Fernandez Internet Marketing Strategist Over the past few weeks we’ve discussed plenty of reasons to use WordPress as a platform for your custom website. Be sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t already. This week, we’re going to explain what a WordPress “Theme” is, and how Themes rock compared to most website templates. …

4 Steps to Achieve Website Development Harmony

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By: Matt Mernin Interactive Web Development As I write my first blog entry for Pushing the Envelope, one particular topic comes to mind, which is vital to effective project management – Defining the Website Development Process. This can be defined as a sequential series of steps to follow, guiding a web development project from discovery to launch.  It is vital …