Our Vision

To be the marketing firm known as an expert partner to businesses, the partner that helps them grow.

What We Do

We are expert communicators, change makers, strategists, and leaders. We help businesses grow through strategic marketing communication. We focus on strategies and creativity to develop marketing campaigns that do more than “look good” – they work. We serve as a virtual marketing department, implementing all the plans down to the most detailed tactic (so you don’t have to). Then, we use a proprietary system to carefully measure each strategy, campaign, even links to determine what’s working and where to improve so we can keep pushing the envelope and creating results.

We partner with clients to create strategic change in their marketing communication that creates ROI by providing services in both consultative and outsourced formats. We execute the work under the direction of Samantha, PTE president and lead strategist, and your primary point of contact. Then, instead of working with a big in-house team, multiple layers of overhead deep, a core team executes the work via a carefully developed network of highly trained associates, extensions of our team.

By working with others, we’re able to provide the best possible service and outcomes for our clients. We’re also able to expand our bandwidth and specialized knowledge, again creating a better result and more ROI for our clients. The benefits include one-stop shopping, one point of contact, strategic, experienced leadership, seamless execution by specialized, skilled professionals, and access to many resources at one fair fee.

We’re pretty good at it too…  In fact, we were named Best PR Firm by Gulfshore Business in 2017 and 2020 and Small Business of the Year in the 2023 Industry Appreciation Awards! We’re also honored to have received more than 30 industry awards.

Our Culture

People, our team and clients, come first with culture following closely after at Pushing the Envelope, Inc. It’s what defines us and our work, and what sets us apart. Based in our values, it’s lived out in various ways from our internal team and client partner approach, to our commitment to ethics and support of our community and industry. We’re honest in our relationships and in our work—and require the same things from all of our clients and partners.

We take our work seriously, but don’t take ourselves too seriously. We enjoy having fun, celebrating with clients and all the hard work that leads up to it. We’re a group of strategic thinkers, dogged solution finders and creative problem solvers. (Who also happen to be highly motivated by chocolate, cookies, puppies and wine – not necessarily in that order.)

Our Beliefs

We believe in being civically active, in giving back and in doing the right thing. Not trite sayings on the wall, these beliefs direct our interaction with our clients and our community. We do it because we believe the world can be a better place if we all pitch in – business can be better, clients can grow, initiatives can have great impact.

In 2017 we expanded this commitment and joined the FutureMakers Coalition as a partner.

Our Values

There are four main ingredients in our core values. These values shape our culture, our beliefs and our way of doing business.

Ethics Over Everything

Proverbs 22:1 “A reputation is to be chosen rather than great riches; favor is better than silver and gold.” We will do the right thing for the right reasons at the right time. Each team member is responsible for his or her own behavior, but it is our team’s behavior that reflects the true nature of the company.

We’re proud to be the 2017 recipient of the Business Ethics Award from the Uncommon Friends Foundation.

Be Supportive

A small, but mighty team only works when we support each other. Likewise, our community only works when we support it. We must be the examples each other need to keep reaching higher and sources of strength in times of need.

Be Accountable

Part of team, but still independent, we must each be responsible for our actions, whether they result in successes or failures. When we mess up, we fess up. It’s that simple.

Continue to Enhance (ourselves and our work)

If we aren’t moving forward we’re falling behind. We must always strive to learn more, be better and do more. Looking ahead at what could come, adjusting now for trends and developing new solutions is part of our job. And we love it.