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The entire purpose of a blog (formerly known as “Web logs”) is to be updated frequently. They are designed for simplicity and easy maintenance because the main feature is the content, or blog entries. Once a blog is set up, it can’t just be left; it has to be maintained.

The dilemma many companies face is that writing blog entries takes time and skill. We encounter businesses facing a variety of challenges:

  • Some business leaders simply have too much on their plates to write content for their blog.
  • Some business leaders are not skilled, web content writers.
  • Some business leaders can write beautifully, but aren’t comfortable enough with technology to perform the updates.

Our team of skilled copywriters can research current events, industry trends and company news to create engaging content, making sure it’s published on time, every time. We currently ghostwrite for several companies as part of the overall social media content strategy we develop for them. We’ll also measure its effectiveness to ensure it’s meeting your audience’s expectations and helping your search engine optimization efforts.

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