Signs and Symptoms Your Website May Need to be Redesigned

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As technologies evolve on the web, the habits and behaviors of the user are changed. In response to these changes, companies are re-launching their websites to tailor the user’s online habits and needs. A “website redesign” is much more than just updating the look and feel of the website. It involves re-assessing your target audience and creating solutions to their new problems. Here are a few signs and symptoms that could indicate you need a website redesign.

Inconsistent Brand Identity

If your website’s identity does not match the identity of your company that is a critical sign a redesign is in order. Over time, some companies decide to adopt a new brand. This not only includes the visual representation of your brand, but the message and company mission too. If your organization has recently changed or plans to change identity, it’s important your website consistently communicates this change. Otherwise your website visitors will feel disconnected and question whether or not they are on the right site.

Ineffective Functionality

Not all Internet browsers render the content of websites the same. Cross-browser issues usually don’t affect the user much, but small annoyances do add up. Having small glitches or bugs on your website can degrade the usability quality which leads to users leaving your website. If you have ever experienced lag when your pages are loading, there is a good chance your website may be using outdated server software or even worse, the developer who built it did not adhere to best practices. If you’re curious how your website is performing, visit: If you’re not happy with the evaluation grade, then it may be time for a redesign.

Not Responsive /Mobile Friendly

If your website is not responsive or even mobile-friendly, there is a good chance your website traffic will decrease. Not only does having a responsive website make content on your website easier to read, it gives the user an easier way to navigate the conversion funnels you’ve cleverly setup to generate leads and sales.

Ineffective Conversion Goals

Your website is more than just an online company profile. It’s a tool to help you provide brand awareness, but more importantly to generate leads for your business. Websites cost your company money and time to maintain; if it’s not generating enough revenue to cover the costs of maintenance and hosting, then you really should consider a redesign.

A re-design is not for everyone, but it might for you. The next time you’re reviewing your website try to keep some of these topics in mind. If you’re unsure your website needs a re-design, we’d be happy to speak with you and discuss the right plan to best fit your needs.