How are you relating to the public?

Led by Samantha Scott, APR (Accredited in Public Relations), our public relations team is skilled in carefully crafting communication plans with measurable strategies and tactics to get your company the positive exposure it’s looking for. We can work with you to develop a plan specifically for your needs.

Our public relations solutions include:

Public Relations Counsel & Communication Strategy

Getting positive media exposure is often a challenge for businesses, small or large. Allow our team of skilled communicators with extensive media relations skills to work on your behalf. Change how people think about your brand and get more exposure – for the right reasons.

Media Relations & Training

What do you do when the media calls? Is your CEO prepared to speak? Our communication team can arrange interviews, coordinate with the media on your behalf, as well as prepare you or your company spokesperson for their moment in the spotlight. Let our media connections and expertise work in your favor.

Online Reputation Management

It is commonplace for today’s web-savvy customers to share their experiences with your brand online, whether they be good or bad. Show online communities that your brand truly cares about the customer experience, through online reputation management. Build an online reputation that boosts consumer confidence.

Presentation Preparation

Often times a presentation is needed to share information about a product, service or new feature. We can help you create one that is branded and communicates your message clearly. Communicate your point and get results.


Running into writer’s block? We can help. Writing isn’t everyone’s forté, but it is ours. We can help you create content best suited for your website, brochure, newsletter or other application. Let us craft your next message.

Special Event Promotion

Events can be fun and a great way to raise funds or attract attention. Once you have the plan (and/or planner), you may need help getting the word out. We can help. We’ve helped numerous organizations host successful events from hardhat parties to open houses. We can promote your event to ensure your target audience knows about it – and participates. Create awareness for your event.

Community & Grassroots PR

The community in which you do business is made of customers, colleagues, friends and probably family. Are you connected with them? A community relations program is one way to foster deeper relationships with people and businesses in your area that could help build your business or support your cause. Connect with the community to grow your brand.

Crisis Communication & Planning

No one likes to think about a possible crisis or coordinate the response to one, but sometimes it’s necessary. We can help you prepare in advance for a possible crisis and/or assist in your company’s response if something arises. Be prepared for any circumstance.

Internal Communications

A business’s audience isn’t just made up of customers or external audience members; there are internal stakeholders such as employees, board members and donors. We can help you communicate with them in a unique and strategic way so they’re not only on board with all of your plans, they’ll help support them. Ensure stakeholder buy-in through effective communication.

If your company needs more than just PR, we’re confident we can help with all your needs. We offer more solutions including marketing communications, Internet marketing and social media too.

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“PTE has been so instrumental in helping the us gain recognition in the community. Their understanding of our work and behind the scenes support has been valuable to us!”Susan E. Block, Ed.M. CEO
Early Learning Coalition of Southwest Florida

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We'd love to help you with public relations.

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