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Pushing The Envelope Promotes Vanessa Fernandez to Communication Strategist

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Fort Myers-based marketing-communication firm Pushing the Envelope, Inc. (PTE) has promoted Vanessa Fernandez to Communication Strategist. In her new role, Fernandez serves as a primary liaison and strategy lead for a variety of clients. Building on her more than three years with PTE, Fernandez will now directly oversee services for a range of clients, including, but not limited to: public …

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What is going on with Instagram?

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By: Veronica Vasquez Sara Have you noticed a decrease in likes and/or comments on your Instagram account? It might be subtle for now, but things could change quickly. So, what’s going on with Instagram? Well, let’s start with some background information… Where it all began… Instagram has been around since 2010, and it has grown drastically in the past few …

Yes, you CAN and you SHOULD measure that

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By: Samantha Scott, APR How many times have you had a great idea, went with it, and then thought – “hmm, I’m not sure if that really paid off. I ‘think’ it did, but I can’t be certain.” Or maybe you’re in marketing director role and you have to report to the C-suite about the performance of your efforts. Sometimes …

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Record Revenue Increase Created with Strategic Marketing

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ISSUE: Douglas Stevens, MD is a facial plastic and laser center practicing in Fort Myers for nearly two decades and offering surgical and non-surgical cosmetic solutions for its patients’ facial rejuvenation and reconstruction needs. The practice, while healthy, financially sound and with a steady patient load, was looking to make improvements in 2015. PTE developed a comprehensive marketing strategy for …

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Understanding Analytics

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According to Websters Dictionary, Analytics is the method of logical analysis. As a marketing professional, analytics is the discovery, interpretation, and communications of meaningful patterns in data. Marketing a business takes more than creative flair, it is a data-driven process that can provide an inside look at how a target audience reacts to specific stimuli and trends while providing insight …

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What does ‘marketing’ even mean? And how can I use it?

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Marketing… It’s a BIG word. The definition of “marketing” is constantly changing and evolving with the times. Social media marketing wasn’t even a blip on anyone’s radar 20 years ago. Now, if you don’t have at least a Facebook page, your business may be looked at as outdated. Marketing is… identifying and utilizing means in which to acquire your company’s …

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We’re Thankful and We Show it…

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Author: Samantha Scott, APR Remember the childhood song, “if you’re happy and you know it”? A simple song, it goes about telling the listener that if they are happy and if they know it, then they should do something to show it – clap their hands, stomp their feet, yell “hurray”, or do all three! Maybe we should take this …

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Holiday Marketing Tips for Your Budding Business

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Throughout the year you are working to gain clients, sell products, increase visibility and more for your business. Then, when the holidays kick in, you may be putting your efforts into hyper-drive, attempting to compete with all the other brands seeking attention. Is it really worth it? The key is to work smarter, not harder. Be Your Own “Ghost of …

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Tips for Starting a Woman Owned or Minority Business

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October is National Women’s Small Business month, which makes it a great time to highlight the advancements made by women in business and celebrate women business owners. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, there are more than 11 million women-owned businesses in the U.S. – 38 percent of all business. Pushing the Envelope is one of those certified women-owned …

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No, You Can’t Do It All

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3 Tips Every Business Owner Should Hear About Trying to do Their Own Marketing By: Samantha Scott, APR If you’re reading this you are likely an entrepreneur or business owner of some sort, and as a result, you probably wear many hats… not necessarily because you want to (more sleep and free time would be nice!), but because that’s what …