From Classroom to Campaigns: 3 Tips for New Marketing Grads

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By: Paige Johnson

Graduation season is upon us, and for many new graduates, it marks the beginning of an exciting journey into the professional marketing world. 

At Pushing the Envelope, we are passionate about helping our clients achieve their goals but also try to give “a hand up” to the next generation of marketers and our fellow industry professionals. So, let’s examine some of our insights from our time in the industry and gain a glimpse into the dynamic and rewarding marketing world.

Intersection of Knowledge and Passion

Success in the marketing field is facilitated by a blend of creativity, analytical thinking, and adaptability. Marketers must understand consumer behavior, craft compelling narratives, and leverage data to optimize campaigns. Continuous learning is essential, as the industry constantly evolves with new tools and technologies. At PTE, we firmly believe in testing, measuring, and refining efforts; don’t stop asking, “Why?”

A career in marketing places you at the forefront of innovation, engaging with diverse industries and making a tangible impact on businesses and their audiences. It also fosters personal growth as marketers develop various skills, from strategic planning to creative execution. Our team finds satisfaction in solving complex challenges and celebrating client successes

Deepen Your Expertise with Industry Certifications

Staying current with industry trends and best practices is crucial. Several certifications can help you enhance your skills and build upon your resume. Here are just a few that you may consider pursuing:

You could also explore micro-credentialing and digital badges. Many institutions offer these, including Florida Gulf Coast University, which could not only enhance your skills but also make you more attractive to a potential employer. Bonus – if you’re in Florida, it might be free for you!

Engaging in continuous professional development can help ensure you remain competitive and knowledgeable in this ever-evolving landscape.

Join a Professional Organization

Joining professional organizations is a strategic move that opens doors to valuable networking opportunities, resources, continuing education, and industry recognition. Consider enhancing your career by becoming a member of:

Embracing these memberships can propel your professional growth and keep you connected to the pulse of the industry. Bonus – many have student-to-professional rates, providing a discount on your first year of membership. 

Another option to consider is participating in applicable LinkedIn groups. You can make more connections and gain insights into current topics, trends, and tools. 

Embrace the Journey and Thrive!

Embarking on a career in marketing means embracing the diversity of opportunities the field offers. Continuously seeking knowledge, adapting to new tools and technologies, and building a strong professional network are key to success. 

At PTE, we support the next generation of marketers, and are excited for the new ideas and minds that join us in this field. Consider which discipline best suits you as you embark on your professional journey. Do you thrive on consistency or prefer to stay on your toes? How do you measure success, and are you willing to pursue professional certifications and get involved with industry organizations? Start by knowing yourself and setting your goals, then look for opportunities that fit your path.

The journey ahead is filled with potential, and with dedication and passion, you’re sure to succeed. Congratulations, class of 2024! We at PTE wish you all the best.


  1. Great piece. Lots of incredible insight. Entering the workforce is a daunting task, but I would’ve felt a lot better about it if I could’ve read this first!

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