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Build it. Track it. Analyze it.

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UTM codes… A simple way to track exactly where traffic to your website is coming from and can easily be used by Google Analytics to measure, track and sort all data derived from these links. Why use UTM codes? Think about it this way: If you have 5 different sources pointing to 1 link, UTM codes are the easiest and …

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5 Ways to Measure the Success of an Event

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Looking for ways to make your event more successful than the last? How do you know if your event succeeded? Event marketers are often tasked with finding the metrics that matter to their clients to prove the value of an event. Before the start of an event, goals must be established – attendee satisfaction, registration numbers vs the actual number …

It Doesn’t Mean Anything without Measurement

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Social media is the perfect stage for meeting your (potential) customers half way, building relationships and loyal customers. It provides an opportunity to receive feedback and get the answers you might not otherwise be privy to. Unfortunately, too many companies have been led to believe that just being on the platform is enough. They choose the most popular channels, post …