How to Increase Ad Revenue With Strategic Google Ads

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With the thousands of ways you can market your business – and yes, we actually believe this, hence our new podcast, 1000 Ways to Market Your Business – utilizing Google Ads should be on the top of your list for impacting your bottom line. 

For one, these ads are highly targetable. You can outline your target audience and directly advertise to them. You can also retarget them and use the applicable data to drive future decisions. 

As one of the most frequently used search engines, Google processes almost 8.5 billion searches daily. Let some of these searches positively impact your business. 

Google Ads are highly targetable. 

When setting up these ads, you can define your target audience and their location and include information about them, like their age, gender, or other demographic statistics. When using Google Ad Manager 360, you can further define your audience with specific identifiers like browser and device information. 

Using keywords in your ad allows you to get your product or service in front of people specifically searching for it. If someone is looking for an Italian restaurant where you live, and you have a Google Ad running, yours will be one of the first on the list. This is helpful when competition is fierce. 

For an even more specific audience, Google Ads can be set up to show up on certain device users and time of day. You can literally tailor your ads to your audience’s behaviors. 

Retarget your audience with display ads. 

You already know a user is interested in your product or service because they have visited your website already. If they left without purchase, you could retarget them through display ads. These are Google Ads that appear on third-party websites. You essentially follow your target audience around the internet

When using Google Ads, you gather valuable data about your audience. 

This can be used later to inform other marketing decisions. This data can help to further specify audiences, carefully adjust successful messages, and generate more revenue for your business while beating out competitors. 

The data available will help you discover what keywords and search phrases your audience uses. You can pair them together and create a better website that is more SEO (search engine optimization) friendly. You can also pinpoint new competitors that you may not have been previously tracking. Use this to get ahead of them! The data available, if you’re using Google Analytics 4, allows you to follow the user journey once they click on an ad. This can help you determine website content that works, doesn’t work, and what could be adjusted to better engage your audience and lead them to make a purchase.

Determining a return on investment remains a large factor in business decisions, as it should. Implementing Google Ads in your marketing plan is a low-cost, easy-entry way to obtain a large return, therefore benefitting your bottom line. If you need help setting up Google Ads, or other marketing areas, reach out to us! We are always happy to help your business grow.

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