Recognizing Emotional Wellness Month – How PTE Fosters A Positive Working Environment

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Everyone has experienced stress before, especially in today’s society. With the constant need to feel available or other triggers such as financial complications or personal relationships, stress surrounds us.

When it comes to the marketing and communication industry, stress has become somewhat of a running joke. With clever memes and photos, social media has created an environment to laugh at the nature of the role. This Emotional Wellness Month, PTE is here to tell you that a constantly stressful environment at work isn’t normal — or necessary for success. 

Our blogs are typically about marketing and communications tips or industry updates. Although we aren’t mental health experts, our company has created a positive and uplifting working environment to foster healthy emotional wellness practices. Let us explain. 

PTE offers flexible schedules and working hours.

Time is valuable; it’s something you can’t get back. You should spend most of it doing things you love, like being with family, exercising, socializing, relaxing, etc. At PTE, a flexible working schedule is available to the team so we can do more of what we enjoy and balance that with our working life. If you want to take a break to go to the gym in the middle of the day – enjoy. If you prefer to work 9+ hours Monday to Thursday to have shorter Fridays – great! As long as the work gets done, there isn’t an issue with when. A healthy combination of hard work and personal ventures results in less stress and greater emotional wellness.

A hybrid business model is the way of the future. 

Remote work is highly sought after today – in fact, the workforce is rapidly moving toward it. Forbes recently published a study that indicates 12.7% of the workforce conducts business from home, while 28.2% participate in a hybrid model (part in-office and part remote). Remote work is further supported by a staggering 98% of workers expressing their interest and preference for it.

PTE operates on a hybrid model, with some time spent in the office (currently the inspiring space at Collaboratory) and working from home. This creates a perfect balance of in-person team collaboration and independent focus time, with the added benefit of flexibility.

Leave room for fun!

At PTE, we like to say we take our work seriously, not ourselves. We work hard, but we also take the time to have fun.

Each quarter, the team engages in internal creative strategy meetings where every member brings innovative ideas to help clients reach their goals. Creativity and fun ideas are encouraged, resulting in lively and enjoyable discussions. Additionally, the team regularly participates in happy hours or “fun days” to take some time to relax and get to know one another outside of the job.

Marketing and communications can be stressful jobs, but the structure at PTE helps to alleviate that stress with balance, fun, and flexibility. We hope this encourages you to consider emotional wellness at your workplace, especially during Emotional Wellness Month.

If you’re interested in talking with us, feel free to reach out!

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