Five Benefits to Community Involvement in 2023 – Second Edition

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Have you read our top-performing blog post on the benefits of community involvement? It’s earned more than 2,321 visits and remains a top blog to this day. If so, we have some updates for you. If not, you’re in for a treat… 

The opportunities for networking, brand exposure, content development, team building, and attracting local talent were among the top reasons businesses should pursue community engagement. However, we have some new reasons to add to that list.

In no particular order, below are the five reasons businesses should consider giving back to their community:

  1. Enhance your brand’s reputation in the community. For any company, reputation and trust are everything, regardless of services or products. Getting involved in your community proves to your audience that you care about more than just making money. It is best practice to give back in the community where you do business, but you could give back on a larger scale to a cause or mission your business aligns with, too. 
  2. Beat your competitors to the punch. Haven’t seen your competitors do any community engagement (food drives, community service, other)? Here’s your chance to get ahead. Community involvement takes time, which equates to money. However, an investment in this could set you apart from your competitors and give your customers a new-found respect for your business. 
  3. Content development. Social media continues to experience exponential growth. The content (i.e. pictures and video, stories, etc.) that can be captured when engaging in community involvement is like gold for your content strategy. Pictures of the people benefitting from your involvement or of your team doing good work showcase the human side of your business. Your audience will naturally relate to and have a positive reaction (even subliminally) to that. Doing good deeds for the sake of it is always the best route, but why not share it (and maybe even encourage others to do the same)? 
  4. Networking opportunities. This reason to get involved also remains true. There is nothing more valuable than relationships. Especially ones built on a strong foundation like community involvement and passion for a mutual cause. People, organizations, and other businesses who get involved in similar engagements as you are likely to hold similar values. When coming together, there are more opportunities possible. 
  5. Exposure. Whether you have calculated the value of exposure directly to your business or not, you’re likely to agree – it is important for business. Engaging in community events or charities will help your business garner exposure and recognition among community members and organizations. This helps to gain your business more media coverage, a larger social media following, included in word of mouth, and more. Exposure is a direct avenue to increasing the bottom line. 

Doing the right thing always pays off. It may not be immediate, but in the long run, everything will come back around. 

If you need help with ideas for community involvement or engagement, let us know! Pushing the Envelope is here to help. Contact us today.