How AI is Changing Marketing and Public Relations

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Technology has advanced tremendously since its inception and will only continue to do so — and quickly. The creation of artificial intelligence is technology’s and the world-wide web’s newest brainchild, and it’s dominating headlines.

Fear not; artificial intelligence was created to enhance our lives, not take them over. In the fields of public relations and marketing, artificial intelligence tools are being used to increase productivity and enhance communication. 

Productivity remains a top priority in business. Time is still money, even today. Utilizing artificial intelligence in daily public relations and marketing tasks saves time — and can improve quality. Win-win.

With AI tools creating messages based on existing data and user instructions, tasks can be completed in minutes. After professional oversight (eh hem, humans), the speed at which work gets done increases, allowing more time for strategy, outreach, or other campaign-enhancing activities.  

Not only does artificial intelligence tend to be quicker, but it also offers the ability to craft messages and concepts in a way that a team of professionals may not have considered. AI can help practitioners wordsmith and structure long or short-form copy that can enhance media pick-up or social media engagement, but it still requires human direction, strategy, context — and discretion. 

A robot cannot be responsible for a company’s reputation. Humans have a uniquely distinct skill that robots do not — judgment. Artificial intelligence can craft messages for you, but adjustments and reviews are necessary before the copy is disseminated to audiences. Without human involvement and oversight, a company risks allowing a tone-deaf message to be shared. This could directly affect the bottom line and cause a loss in market share.

Instead of fearing the impact of artificial intelligence, embrace it. Working with technology instead of against it is the way of the future. If we don’t embrace this now, we risk being left behind.

If you want to learn more, Pushing the Envelope is happy to help. Our team uses artificial intelligence tools as needed and is constantly reviewing new technology to stay updated with advancements. We are here to help you. Get in touch today.