Launched to share knowledge and empower others, this program was designed with our clients, partners and colleagues. Our goal is to create the opportunity to ‘Empower Your Success’ through enhancing knowledge and acumen about new business trends, marketing and communication topics, business development and more.

Power Hour is complimentary and provided as a community service. We believe in and actively support the sharing of knowledge, in helping others Rise Up and paying it forward. If you want to learn more about marketing, public relations, social media or other ways to promote your business or non-profit, join us at our next session.

High-Impact Marketing Without Breaking the Bank
Tuesday, September 19 |  3:45 - 5pm | Collaboratory 

In today's economy, not all businesses have a bottomless budget. There is opportunity in the market no matter how much money is allocated. Patricia Crump, PTE's Marketing Manager, will teach attendees about impactful marketing tactics that are budget-friendly, such as paid advertising, organic social media, and community involvement, all of which produce a return on a limited investment.

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