Revolutionizing Marketing: The Impact of AI and ChatGPT in the Last Year

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Yes, ChatGPT came up with that title… It’s amazing what AI (artificial intelligence) can do and how far it’s come in just one year. 

At its core, marketing hasn’t changed since its inception. The core theory applies – know your target audience, provide them with an appealing offer for a product or service that can improve their lives (need or want), and present that offer where they are or where they get information. 

Look how far we’ve come.

What has changed is the delivery methods and tools used to create the offer or messaging. When we started PTE nearly 18 years ago, in 2006, social media didn’t exist. Hard to remember a time before social media, right? 

Since then, or post social media, look at how many ways there are to research your audience and to reach them! Data abounds about your audience’s interests, preferences, how they get information, and more. And guess who’s using that data? AI.

AI can take massive amounts of data and turn it into meaningful insights. We do this with our performance reports… taking sales, user behavior, web traffic, conversions, etc., and translating that into real, usable info for business owners. AI can help you determine your marketing AI and make better decisions – all based on data. 

Chat what?

Specifically, ChatGPT is an open-source AI built on a conversational model that learns as users input information and context. It can help you with everything from brainstorming to copywriting and more. 

ChatGPT took the world by storm over the last 12 months. Some thought of it as a rise of the machines, but let’s be practical. This is just like Ford’s assembly line. It’s a better way of doing what we’re already doing. 

Instead of humans spending hours doing repetitive tasks, AI can do it. Instead of it taking hours, days, or longer to analyze data, spot trends, or create consumer behavior profiles, AI can do it in minutes (or less). It’s changing how we approach marketing, both in speed and in data richness. From our perspective, as a team committed to testing and measuring everything, this is for the better. 

Specific, real-time implications

Just at the surface level, ChatGPT can be found in a variety of marketing systems. Some businesses use chatbots powered by ChatGPT to do initial (or more in-depth) customer relations. 

Many use it to write content for a variety of mediums – collateral, websites, social media, and more… and the more they do it, the better it gets. ChatGPT differs from an Internet search as it’s not just supplying the user with a link or resources. It’s taking the input and providing responses/content it generates based on that input and the input of others. The more you (or marketers) educate it about your brand, the better it can do the task at hand (write three social media posts about our upcoming promotion, etc.). 

Learn and use wisely

While what we’ve covered thus far is positive, it’s important to keep in mind no marketing tool or technique is perfect. ChatGPT is also relatively new and has some evolution to do. Be mindful of how you or your team use ChatGPT to check the content for accuracy and avoid plagiarism. 

Let’s not forget the need for human involvement, either. As humans, we know context and emotions better than AI (at least for now, in most cases). Those skills are critically important when using technology such as AI or ChatGPT in marketing. Never lose sight of the brand you’re creating for or their audience.

Looking back, and forward

Based on the rapid rise of ChatGPT and AI in the last year, it’s clear that these massive technological advancements have changed how we work and market for good – and will continue to disrupt. 

Now is the time to educate yourself and your team on these resources and, coupled with human leadership and strategy development, start adapting to maximize your efforts. 

If you’re interested in advancing your marketing and need help, we’re here for you. Whether you need a fractional or virtual CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) and marketing department or have more specific needs, you’re welcome to reach out. We (real people 😉) would love to help.

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