We could all use a little help sometimes.

Given the current economic situation and business experts indicating now is when companies should invest in technology and marketing, we also recognize that there are unusual budgetary concerns. We've created “Kickstart.”

While there are numerous tools in an effective marketing program, we’ve identified the three most helpful ones for the budget-minded — Social Media, Public Relations and Email Marketing.

These cost-effective resources will provide you with ROI so you know how effective they are in helping kickstart your business. See below to find a Kickstart package that’s right for you.


Social Media. It’s where people spend much of their free time. It’s where they connect, how they get information and resources. And, it’s where you’re most likely to connect with your target audience. Now, more than ever, it’s important, if not critical, for your business to be online with your customers. But you have a business to run. We can help. PTE can serve as your virtual social media coordinator providing a suite of services to keep your business top-of-mind with measurable results.

Public Relations. More people, your customers, are turning to media for information these days. If your business has news, it’s important to use the media to get the word out. We have strong local media relationships and will be the connection you need.

Email Marketing. Businesses have been seeing higher open rates than ever before on their email marketing. Delivered direct, one-to-one, with powerful tracking, email marketing offers you easy, inexpensive ways to communicate with your customers directly. Motivate them to buy, visit, engage and track their behavior all through a simple email.

Social Media


Per Month, 12 posts
  • Channel management, content development, and publishing (we write and publish all the posts, manage all comments and messages) on Facebook and Instagram
  • Produce any graphics or shortened links necessary for posting
  • Coordinate proofing, edits, and approval with you.
  • Channel measurement, including producing a monthly report providing your ROI, delivered by the 10th of the following month; includes web leads, etc.

Interested in doing Facebook advertising to ensure your reach? We can handle it all for you for just $275 per campaign (excluding ad spend, recommend at least
$100 each).

Public Relations


Per Month
  • Draft, edit, and distribute one news release per month to local media
  • Coordinate any interviews or necessary media relations
  • Coordinate proofing, edits, and approval with you
  • Monitor and compile media coverage, providing a report with readership metrics as applicable

Email Marketing


Per Month
  • Gather information on company news, sales, openings, etc.
  • Draft, edit, finalize content and create one (1) newsletter including any necessary graphics, shortened links, etc.
  • Facilitate distribution via your email marketing system and with your
    current email lists (Constant Contact or MailChimp only)
  • Monitor performance and provide monthly report explaining your ROI delivered by the 10th of the following month

Haven’t used your email system in a while and need an updated newsletter template? We can create a new branded one for you with 3 sections for just $350. (Constant Contact or MailChimp only).

Collaboration Included! We understand you’re busy, so we aren’t going to ask for a lot of your time. We have a simple setup process and will collaborate with you via email or phone. No monthly meetings are required.

Reporting Included! Accurate data is key when it comes to measuring the success of your marketing efforts, which is why we test and measure everything. We provide monthly performance reports so you can monitor exactly what’s going on with marketing efforts and which strategies are generating the most success.

Combo - $2,100

Need it all? You got it!
The combo package offers social media, public relations, and email marketing at a discounted “bulk” rate!

Note: each package requires a minimum 6-month commitment.

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