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One of the many reasons we love social media is because it’s so measurable. Unlike traditional media measurements, where inferences and generalizations almost always have to be made, everything online is SO very measurable. From your audience size, to how many people clicked on a certain link, to how many people watched your video… everything can be measured!

Anyone can track that stuff, so what makes our firm so special? A few things, actually:

  • First, we have a measurement system that is bar none. You will not find another company that places more value on ensuring that your marketing projects are effectively measured.
  • We also advocate that measurement should never be an afterthought. It’s included in the planning stage of every project we work on, as we set our goals. Each goal we set comes with a plan for measuring our progress toward that goal.

We practice analytics; and measurement is only part of the analytics process. Analytics is the practice of analyzing user behavior in order to improve upon it.

The process involves four stages:

  • Determine Goals & KPIs – clearly identify goals using the S.M.A.R.T. approach
  • Measure & Analyze – collect data and identify trends and areas of weakness or opportunity
  • Conversion Optimization – use findings to improve processes, thus progressing toward your goals
  • Measure Again – determine whether optimization efforts were successful and develop recommended follow-up actions

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We'd love to help you with social media analytics.

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