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Strategic Campaign Increases Angelina’s Ristorante’s Gift Card Sales by 22%

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The COVID-19 pandemic created devastating challenges for businesses across the United States, especially in the greater hospitality industry, due to restrictions and closures. Angelina’s Ristorante, a high-end Bonita Springs restaurant, was forced to limit capacity, therefore limiting the revenue it could make. Additionally, it was challenging to forecast how its audience members would behave during holiday shopping due to COVID-19 and health risks associated with not limiting outside activities. Generating sales is a primary business goal always, but it was extremely critical during the 2020 holidays to offset the losses earlier in the year.

To generate income in the short term, PTE determined it would be effective to relaunch a gift card promotion that was proven successful in previous years. 


Building on a successful gift card campaign from previous years but making adjustments due to COVID-19, PTE developed a plan for a gift card promotion during November and December 2020 as a way to generate an influx of revenue.

The following objectives were to be completed by December 31, 2020: 

  • Increase gift card sales among target audience in November and December 2020 by approximately 18% compared to gift card sales in November and December of 2019.
  • Leverage the limited existing marketing resources and budget to generate at least 50,000 exposures (unique and repeat) to the promotion for awareness. 
  • Generate target audience awareness of the promotion as evidenced by 500 pageviews of the Angelina’s gift card webpage.

PTE developed a strategy to leverage a bonus gift card offer to motivate target audience members (both existing and potential new customers) to buy from Angelina’s versus an alternative and capitalizing on the restaurant’s current branding/tagline for brand recognition. 


  • Gift card sales in November and December 2020 increased 22% compared to previous year’s gift card sales during the same period (4% higher than the objective).
  • PTE used the existing budget with no additional expense required to complete the promotion and generated an estimated 68,000 total exposures (18,000 more than objective) or broad awareness (social media audience, Facebook ads, print advertising, email marketing audiences combined). 
  • PTE generated 956 pageviews of Agnelina’s gift card webpage in November and December, nearly double the objective (500). This was nearly as many as they had in the prior ten months combined (1,072)!