Welcome, Lauren to the the PTE Internship Program!

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Written By: Lauren Eissey

Hi, my name is Lauren Eissey and I am currently a senior. I am pursuing a degree in communication with a concentration in public relations at Florida Gulf Coast University.

I’m from the east coast of Florida so I have been a Florida girl my entire life. However, I am in love with the Carolina’s and could probably move there in a heartbeat. When I can, I like to craft, cook, write and watch movies.

I wanted to do an internship with Pushing the Envelope because it struck me as an experience that would be beneficial to my career path.  In the future, I would like to be a publicist and I think PTE is so multifaceted in its services that I will gain a lot of knowledge in my time here.

Within these next few months I will be working alongside Vanessa! I hope to learn a lot while I’m here: branding, graphic design, website development, event planning, crisis management and so on.  So far I’ve enjoyed interning here and I’m grateful for this opportunity.