Holiday Marketing Tips for Your Budding Business

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Throughout the year you are working to gain clients, sell products, increase visibility and more for your business. Then, when the holidays kick in, you may be putting your efforts into hyper-drive, attempting to compete with all the other brands seeking attention. Is it really worth it? The key is to work smarter, not harder.

Be Your Own “Ghost of Christmas Past”
Planning a successful holiday season takes more than looking ahead. To increase sales year over year, it would behoove you to reflect upon previous seasons. Do not neglect the feedback you have received from customers before, during and after previous holidays.

What performed best (and worst) last year? Think about the products or services you promoted, the types of online content you shared, the publications you advertised in, and who you tried to reach based on age, gender, geography, etc. Determine what methods served you best and which tactics were ill-conceived. Note also what resonated with consumers most – whether that was a compelling video advertisement you did or an amazing campaign a competitor executed.

Plan Ahead
People often say the holidays “snuck up” on them, but it should never come as a surprise to you as a business leader. Strategize on your goals and how you will accomplish them well in advance, so that you may formalize a plan of action. This will not only save you from a holiday rush headache but will also allow you to get ahead of the competition.

Imagine you have analyzed past data and know what will stand out to consumers. Several months in advance you can begin testing and measuring the content – including advertising styles, messaging and imagery – to gauge how successful those creative concepts may be in the last quarter. You can develop highly creative ways to increase your visibility without oversaturating the market with ads. You can reach shoppers who themselves plan ahead to purchase gifts early or ask last-minute shoppers what they’ll be searching for. The opportunities are endless when you have ample time to strategize.

Put Your Best (or Most Relevant) Product Forward
Well before you place turkey decals in your window or a Christmas Tree in your lobby, take a moment to reflect on what products or services will be critical for consumers. Do not get caught up in what items you want to sell, rather focus what they want and what they seek to buy. This creates a positive association where you are filling a need directly versus simply selling your wares.

In the digital age, putting your best foot forward also means employing creative campaigns to promote your merchandise. Say something your competitors are not, especially what unique values your product or service can offer. The method of delivering information is as important as the information itself, so be dynamic. Use video, high-quality photography, testimonials and more to capture attention. Lastly, remember to be cohesive. Your messaging and delivery should be cohesive to your website, social media accounts, email marketing campaigns, etc.

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