Pushing the Envelope Intern 2015

The Best Way to Become a Pro!

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What I’ve learned so far at Pushing the Envelope, Inc. includes a thousand new things. I’ve written news releases, media alerts, put together presentations and so much more. I’ve also learned a great deal about graphic design, how to re-size photos and graphic images and how to incorporate creativity into PR. It’s nice to see how things are applied outside the classroom and outside my textbooks.

My favorite thing and the most helpful part of working at Pushing the Envelope, is getting feedback. I think feedback is the most important thing in order to know exactly what to do and how to improve. I usually ask for feedback, but often the project managers are very helpful in providing this to me without having to ask. I’m extremely happy with the final work I produce after receiving edits or critiques. I also love the diversity in this company. I find it a very multi-faceted field filled with possibilities to learn more. If I want to improve my writing skills it’s possible or if I want to improve my graphic design, that’s possible as well.

Every day I’ll walk into the office and I am excited to tackle new daily tasks. I look forward to every day and every new experience. That is the best way to become a pro at Pushing the Envelope.