Social Media Contest Grows Audience by 242%, reach by 507%

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Pure Naples, a marine attraction company offers sightseeing cruises, fishing and boat rentals, to provide a variety of public relations services including social media. Having seen success from social media efforts and heading into the 2014 off-season for the geographical area, PTE suggested a new campaign, Best Catch (BC), to increase brand awareness and knowledge of services offered to their existing customers and to engage audience members. The campaign was designed with a focus on PN’s fishing charters, a service that needed more traffic.

Stated goals were: to increase brand awareness and encourage engagement on PN’s FB page and increase business leads from social media channels.


1. To increase reach by 20% as measured by impressions on Facebook within 6 weeks (current: 33,177, goal: 39,812).

2. To increase FB audience size by 10% within 6 weeks (current: 3,433, goal: 3,776).

3. To increase sales leads from social media channels by 5% within 6 weeks as measured by website traffic from Facebook, YouTube and Google+ and phone tracking (current: 115, goal: 121).

PTE started by developing a campaign strategy, winning package concept (a $100 gift certificate to Bass Pro Shops®, a ‘Cook Your Catch’ dinner at a local restaurant partner and a private fishing charter for six aboard PN’s deep-sea fishing vessel), and sample rules. PTE coordinated partner relations and developed a marine-themed campaign logo and supporting graphics including: custom Facebook tab icon, app elements and a custom website banner for PN’s website. Participants were required to provide their email address and give permission to be contacted and relinquish rights to the images they submitted, thereby also increasing PN’s contact and image databases. PTE executed FB advertising. Prior, during and after the campaign PTE leveraged all PN’s communication channels – website, blog, YouTube, Google+, email newsletter, staff, etc. for an integrated communication effort.

Results: All objectives were surpassed.

  1. The impression goal was surpassed, reaching 201,401, an increase of 507%!
  2. Audience size surpassed the goal and grew to 4,885, an increase of 242% !
  3. Sales leads from social media channels surpassed the goal of 121 and totaled 136, an increase of 18%. Additional engagement with the app included 248 likes and 44 shares. The winner had 1,066 votes. The app received a total of 23,476 page views.