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Record Revenue Increase Created with Strategic Marketing

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Douglas Stevens, MD is a facial plastic and laser center practicing in Fort Myers for nearly two decades and offering surgical and non-surgical cosmetic solutions for its patients’ facial rejuvenation and reconstruction needs. The practice, while healthy, financially sound and with a steady patient load, was looking to make improvements in 2015. PTE developed a comprehensive marketing strategy for the year with goals including:

  • Increase revenue by 25% (largest goal the practice had ever set)
  • Increase brand awareness and knowledge of services offered to its existing customers and target audience
  • Generate more leads and consultation appointments to gain new patients and increase repeat business.

The target audience was Southwest Florida residents, specifically females between the ages of 35 and 55, business professionals, and households with expendable income.


Strategies included use of advertising, branding and graphic design, email marketing, news releases and other public relations tactics, social media, social-style videos for the various channels and website, and a looping video for the practice lobby/ waiting room. As a result of a SWOT analysis, PTE leveraged strengths including quality and length of time in practice, experienced staff, and existing marketing communication efforts in place. PTE also addressed weaknesses and opportunities, leveraging an existing patient base, updating practice marketing collateral including stationary elements and a new brochure, development of new, additional audience(s) to address the aging of its current clientele, partnerships, and co-ops, and the practice environment and processes. Measurement and analysis were completed throughout the campaign, utilizing various tools including social media, email marketing and Google Analytics, phone tracking, and in-house records.

RESULTS: All objectives were surpassed.

Revenue was 31% higher in 2015 than the previous year, surpassing the client’s 25% goal.
  1. Website visits increased more than 100% from the previous year (surpassing 20%.) Additionally, blog views increased 143%.
  2. Engagement via the email-marketing list had a 13% increase in open rates and a 117% increase in the click-through rate.
  3. The objective to increase brand awareness on social media channels surpassed the 20% goal, increasing audience size 358% and engagement 1,338%. Additionally, the practice received complimentary Facebook advertising via its print contract with a local publication, resulting in more than 64,000 impressions and more than 1,300 clicks by the target audience.
  4. Print advertising generated 191 leads, surpassing 100% ROI.

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