Direct Mail Drives $20k in One Month

In Case Studies by getpushing


A Harley-Davidson® dealership wanted to increase revenue. They were specifically interested in driving business to their service department, a part of their fixed operations. PTE devised a plan to work within their existing budget, leverage existing customers, AND generate a massive return – all within one month!

Strategy & Objectives

Target & Incentivize Customers – Develop a program to target former customers who could be in need of service (those who haven’t come in for 6 months for service).


  • Budget – $800
  • Timeframe – 1 month
  • Method – Direct Mail
  • Offer: $50 off next service
  • List – Existing Customers
  • Bonus – Promoted upcoming event


Increased Revenue!

  • 41 service appointments
  • $2,050 in redemptions
  • $19,373.40 in business!
  • $16,323 net profit!