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Tuning in to the Changes in Video Marketing

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Video isn’t just popular among audiences, it’s essential to virtually every business’s marketing strategy and has been for a few years. The question is: has video content and how audiences consume it stayed the same? The answer is no. In fact, the global pandemic, COVID-19 only amplified how much time people spend online consuming content. With the rise of TikTok …

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How to Use Push Marketing Effectively

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Push marketing is an advertising strategy used to get your product or service in front of potential customers, rather than drawing customers in (pull marketing), which can take time and patience. Frequently push marketing is most associated with traditional advertising mediums, generated to raise awareness and reach as many people as possible even if they don’t have a desire or …

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Holiday Marketing Tips for Your Budding Business

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Throughout the year you are working to gain clients, sell products, increase visibility and more for your business. Then, when the holidays kick in, you may be putting your efforts into hyper-drive, attempting to compete with all the other brands seeking attention. Is it really worth it? The key is to work smarter, not harder. Be Your Own “Ghost of …