Why These Seasonal Sales Ads Caught Our Eye

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The holidays are a time when we see a tremendous amount of advertising

Television, social media, billboards, you name it. Ads are thrown at us in every way possible. We can’t scorn companies for this. They know you’ll be purchasing gifts for your loved ones, and they want it to be their product. 

The important question we ask is, which ones catch your eye? Which ads compel you to take that next step, and why? 

We asked that question here at Pushing the Envelope, and a couple of our team members shared their opinions. We chose some of our favorite ads from Black Friday this year and broke down the strategies employed and why they were effective.

Tricia Mullis, Digital Marketing Assistant | AlaniNu Black Friday Sale

AlaniNu is a health and wellness brand that provides nutritional supplements, merch, and other branded accessories. While they didn’t do a promo entirely unique to other businesses, they executed it VERY well. AlaniNu offered Buy One, Get One 50% Off for an early Black Friday sale around two weeks before the actual Black Friday. The thing that stood out about this deal was the creative application behind it. They didn’t lean into the typical Christmas colors; rather, they held firm on their brand and accent colors. These are vibrant and fun, which is the perfect way to reel in their audience. From fun fonts to explaining to their audience exactly how to get the discount (step by step) and providing all the information without overcrowding their graphics to letting their audience know the sale is over and that orders will be shipped soon, they really walked with their audience through the whole process while keeping it fun! The messaging also wasn’t too “sales-y.” They made it clear that you can and should buy from them but that they will have fun either way!

Hannah Ramsey, Client Relations Specialist | Amazon Black Friday Sale

Humor and relatability are two great marketing tactics to utilize if your brand allows for them. Amazon employs both in their “Romeo and Juliet” Black Friday ad, in which the characters awkwardly sit at a tense family dinner party (we’ve all been there) until Juliet saves the day with a purchase she made through Amazon for Black Friday. The mega corporation doesn’t need to go into detail about its sales and appropriately opts for a short, sweet, and amusing spot that gets the point across. Shop on Amazon to save money on various items…even ones that’ll make Aunt Gertrude and Cousin Stacy get along.

We hope this gave you an idea of the different strategies employed by companies, especially around the holidays. If you’d like further insight on how you can implement these strategies for yourself, contact us.

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