What We’re Thankful For

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As we enter this holiday season, we wanted to share what each team member is thankful for… But why? Why should this interest the reader?

To be the partner that helps our clients grow, it takes more than just systems and processes. It takes a unified team that is committed to one mission. It requires true motivation to help others and see them achieve their goals. A company culture that embodies a dedication to our clients, colleagues, and community is essential.

Without these, marketing is just going through the motions. That is why it’s important to share our team’s perspective with you. So you know exactly whom you’re working with.

Samantha Scott, President: I am thankful for many people and many things as it relates to our business. However, the one that stands out to me this year is our team. Our culture is one of supportiveness and collaboration, and this year has been no exception. In addition to the day-to-day challenges we face in an ever-changing industry, this year, we’ve successfully added new members, come through a major hurricane, and are now forced to work remotely as a result. Throughout it all, our team has stuck together, continued to grow, and helped our clients excel in the face of their challenges.

Hannah Ramsey Headshot

Hannah Ramsey, Client Relations Specialist: I’m thankful for a team that works hard and laughs together. I’m thankful for when we come alongside our clients to exceed the goals they have for their businesses.

Patricia crump headshot

Patricia Crump, Marketing Manager: The opportunity to help local businesses overcome challenges, both big and small. On a widespread scale, we’ve dealt with many hurdles stemming from the pandemic throughout the past three years and, more recently, Hurricane Ian. We’ve come together to develop unique ways to turn the challenges into opportunities for improvement for our clients.

Tricia Mullis Headshot

Tricia Mullis, Digital Marketing Assistant:  I am grateful to be surrounded by a team that exemplifies our company culture by uplifting me and empowering me to do my best work. We are more than just a team that helps our clients grow; we help each other grow too!

Richard Gosling Headshot

Richard Gosling, Digital Marketing Assistant: I’m thankful for a team that is truly united in the work we do. A team that is collaborative and allows for ideas to come together to create the highest quality of work for our clients. This year brought many challenges, and our team was able to improvise, adapt, and overcome to not only forward our mission but our clients’ mission to grow.

Headshot of Caitlyn Anderson

Caitlyn Anderson, Communication Specialist: I am thankful for the support of everyone at Pushing the Envelope, especially as it relates to teamwork and professional development. Learning something new is encouraged, and helping each other and our clients grow is a large part of the company culture.

We hope that this provided you with some insight into who we are as a company. If you want to learn more about Pushing the Envelope and how we can help you, feel free to call us at (239) 221-2858!