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Best Brand Voices on Social Media (According to PTE)

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Creating a loyal social media following takes more than just sharing content. It requires a consistent brand voice that engages the audience and makes them want to see more. In addition to consistency, adding value to your posts through knowledge and humor are two great ways to create a deeper connection with your audience. Need some inspiration? The PTE team outlined their favorite brand voices across the various social platforms to give you some insight and examples.

Alex Argueta HeadshotAlexandra: Netflix for a brand voice that’s relatable

If you’re anything like me, you spent most of the last year stuck indoors streaming movies and TV shows. During that time, I started following Netflix on Twitter (@netflix) to receive updates about new releases and additions to the streaming service, and it was the best decision ever. Many companies rely on being funny or starting “internet beef” with their competitors (we’re looking at you, @Wendys) to stay relevant on Twitter. Still, Netflix tunes in to its audience to create engaging content. The streaming service does a great job of keeping up with popular conversations, especially when it has to do with one of their newly released shows, engaging with its followers, and monitoring trends that change seemingly every other hour. Its feed is updated regularly throughout the day, often with retweets from followers, and it continues to captivate its nearly 12 million followers.

Alex Malave headshotAlex: First We Feast for drool-worthy content

My favorite brand voice on Instagram is First We Feast (@firstwefeast), an online food blog that combines food and pop culture. First We Feast focuses on extreme and over-the-top foods and has built a cult-like following that garners a significant amount of likes and comments. In addition to featuring insanely mouth-watering food from accounts across Instagram, First We Feast has several food-driven video franchises that have grown into popular shows such as “Hot Ones,” where celebrities are challenged to eat extremely spicy wings. The blog’s voice is casual, edgy, and modern and incorporates posts from the celebrities featured in “Hot Ones” and other projects by the brand. First We Feast posts a significant amount of content (several posts daily), ensuring it’s always in users’ Instagram feeds. Due to both the eye-catching and mouth-watering nature of the content, it’s tough to scroll past without wanting to see more.

Hannah Ramsey HeadshotHannah: Arby’s for its surprisingly nerdy brand voice

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a nerd. So, when brands tap into “nerd culture,” I’m all about it, given that it’s done right. Arby’s Facebook account is one that started to do this exceptionally well a couple of years ago when it took a popular movie or video game and used its food and packaging to design handmade crafts around the pop culture reference. These posts became a great, creative way to stand out and get consumers’ attention in a very cluttered industry. Their engagement on social media for these “nerd” posts went through the roof! The brand focused on quality over quantity and made sure that the references were relevant.

Patricia crump headshotPatricia: Adweek for keeping marketers in the loop 

I love advertising (shocking coming from a digital marketing specialist, right?). But honestly, I genuinely enjoy commercials, ad campaigns, digital billboards, etc. From the terrible and cringe-worthy ads to spectacular ones that give you chills (like this commercial from Google), I could look at them all day. While I look at many ads from a creation standpoint, I often miss what other brands are putting out there. Luckily for me, I stumbled across Adweek’s LinkedIn page, and it’s a marketer’s dream! Adweek is a news source for professionals to keep a pulse on the marketing ecosystem. The publication shares advertising news, insights, campaigns, events, etc., that is interesting, engaging, and valuable (particularly to me and others in the industry). These posts are concise, informational, and carry a professional tone appropriate for LinkedIn and particularly helpful to get the point across quickly. Adweek is a significant resource for my professional development and information to keep me knowledgeable about current industry happenings.

While these resources can offer great inspiration, it’s essential to develop a unique brand voice to connect with your audience. Need help? The PTE team doesn’t just follow brand voices; we create them! Our team is responsible for developing, evolving, and perfecting many brand voices on behalf of our clients, and we’d love to add yours to the list. Learn how we can help you build a loyal following of your own.