Networking: For Business and PR

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Networking and communication used to take the traditional path of print advertising and brochures, direct mail, local/national trade shows, etc. These forms of communicating your brand/business still exist but more often they are used in balance with modern forms of networking and sharing information about you and your business.

Here are some guidelines I have learned to follow in today’s world, which have helped me build relationships and make the long-term connections I was looking to gain.

Make the Connection

Seek out local networking groups and organizations where a diverse collection of businesses attend on a regular basis. Make the time to attend these events on a regular basis as this is your opportunity to listen to others about their business and their personal experiences. These events will give you the chance to share your own story and the passion that drives you towards your own business goals. Also, keep in mind who else will be attending so you can be sure to reach your target audience (i.e. If you want medium to large business decision-makers, going to a business card exchange may not be right.)

TIP: Set the standard in your networking process and offer newly made connections information and, if you can, do something for them like introducing them to someone who may be interested in their product or services. This trust-building activity will afford you positive results as I have not met anyone yet who did not appreciate some friendly guidance and professional help and had them NOT remember me for it.

Be “Professionally” Social

Use social connections intelligently and professionally. Facebook and LinkedIn are great ways to connect with other related businesses from which you can benchmark or that you can connect with, as well as to multiple individuals from all over the world who have the same interests and “likes” (Hint: These are your potential clients!). Facebook allows you to set up a business page vs. a personal page making your company brand more trustworthy and believable. Share information on these social channels that is both informative and educational on a consistent basis and you will see your connections come to life.

Get Involved and Give Back

Are you actively taking advantage of the philanthropic side of your business? Give back any way you or your company can afford, get connected with local non-profits that make sense to you and to your business message while helping those who need it most. Community involvement is a perfect way to create goodwill opportunities and to show your community what you, personally and professionally, stand for. This will serve your public relations efforts well too.

The Bottom Line

Do your homework, get out there, and make an effort to create new connections. It’s not often that new relationships are made by someone coming to your front door. You have to make the effort – on your behalf and your company’s. Good luck!