What I Learned From My Internship At PTE

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By: Trisha Minniti

As the semester quickly winds down, and graduation is right around the corner, I can hardly believe my internship with Pushing the Envelope is coming to an end. It feels like yesterday was my first day and as I reflect on the months I have spent with this wonderful company, I realize how valuable this opportunity was for me. I am leaving with more experience and insight than I ever could have ever imagined.

Throughout my internship, I was given the opportunity to write numerous news releases, create content for client’s social media channels, conduct influential research on trends in the industry, draft e-mail marketing newsletters and participate in creating marketing plans that would be implemented in the future. In addition, I’ve become more familiar with a wide range of marketing strategies and received mentorship from experienced professionals. The mentorship I received was one of the highlights of my time at Pushing the Envelope. Whenever I needed help on a task, sought advice or asked questions about the industry, the team would take the time to answer my questions and guide me. I also loved creating graphics and content for a variety of social media channels. It allowed me to show my creativity and further develop my skills in programs that I was unfamiliar with when I began my internship.

As I prepare for graduation, I leave Pushing the Envelope with an experience that that has truly prepared me for the real world and the confidence I need to succeed in the marketing field. I will be relocating to Denver, Colorado to start my career and am excited for what the future brings! I can’t thank the team at Pushing the Envelope enough for giving me this amazing opportunity to learn from people who have so much expertise and talent in what they do.