Thank you Kayla for your time at PTE!

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Exit Blog Spring 2015 Internship

Written By: Kayla Chasney



I would like to thank Pushing the Envelope for welcoming me into the company for the past few months. I have gotten more out of this internship then I could have ever imagined. Working in an agency setting has helped me immensely with time management skills and adapting to be more flexible. This new experience has definitely taken me out of my comfort zone, but at the same time has helped me gain confidence in my professional skills. I really have enjoyed being exposed to the communications side of marketing and gaining experience with public relations.

During this internship I have been able to directly apply what I have been learning in class to assist with a variety of clients. For example, I am currently taking a social media marketing class at Florida Gulf Coast University and I have done projects for PTE that mirror exactly what we discuss. I love that I am able to learn in class and then get hands on experience at the same time. College courses can’t prepare you for the ‘real world’ like this internship has.

Pushing the Envelope has helped mold me into a business professional and prepare me for future positions. The mentoring sessions with Samantha have given me great insight and tips for applying for jobs after graduation. Overall, this opportunity has been eye opening and helped give me direction for my future.