Trisha’s Internship Testimonial

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As a student from a communication background, I have always been interested in working at an agency to learn the ins and outs of marketing, branding, and public relations. However it was not until my spring internship at Pushing the Envelope, Inc. that I came to understand how amazing a career in this industry would be. From the very first day at Pushing the Envelope Inc. I was given the chance to learn and work with many very talented people in the industry, an opportunity that I hold with great appreciation.

My internship at Pushing the Envelope Inc. provided me with great opportunities to put what I have learned at Florida Gulf Coast University into practice as well as to acquire new skills working in a marketing communication setting. Pushing the Envelope, Inc. truly cares about their interns and is dedicated to providing a stimulating and supportive environment for our personal and professional growth. This intern experience at Pushing the Envelope, Inc. has been rewarding, enriching, and educational. I truly enjoyed my time at PTE and established a greater passion for the marketing and public relations industry.

Trisha Minniti