Pinterest: To Pin or Not to Pin?

In innovation, marketing in the recommendation age, networking, social media, tips by getpushing

If you aren’t super familiar with Pinterest or how a business could use it to communicate online, it’s fairly easy to pick up on this über-sharing site.

Pinterest is a digital way to collect and share all the things, places, people, etc. that you’re into. It’s like the old school push pin bulletin boards teenagers have where they pin things from magazines that they’re into – celebrities, sayings, clothing styles, etc.

So, how does this translate for businesses and how can businesses use it to communicate with potential and existing customers? It starts with setting up your account correctly, then building boards and connecting with others who have similar interests. Sound like any other social networks or set ups? It should.

Be forewarned though, it will take time. And by time, it could take a few hours to get things going. You’re starting from scratch and starting to compile things to pin can take a while. Like any social network though, it gets easier with time and you can add to it over time.

Share the love too, just like you should on Twitter and Facebook by “repinning”. Consider it the retweet of Pinterest. Not only does it show you’re engaging with or care about another user’s content, it’s helping build your repertoire. Don’t forget, you can pin things with links so if you’re pinning a product you sell, be sure to link it!