Grab their attention with graphic appeal

Grab Their Attention with Graphic Appeal

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At a time where the average person is exposed to (bombarded by) thousands of advertisements every week, a graphic helps you must say more in less time in an increasingly compelling way. Your story can no longer be told solely with text; as technology develops you must adapt to ensure your messages are heard amongst your competition.

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The simplest way to bring your brand or company into the fold is to invest in quality photography and videography. Telling your story in a visual format is becoming increasingly unavoidable given the hyper-focus placed on visual elements by major digital outlets. Consider, for example, how quickly video took over the social media sphere. The rise of the Vine app introduced consumers to the power of 6-second videos, prompting Instagram to add video posting features which later developed into their “Stories” feature (which was originally introduced by Snapchat). Even Facebook and Twitter have adapted with the advent of live streaming.

According to Cisco’s latest Visual Networking Index, internet video traffic will represent 82% of all consumer internet traffic by 2021. There is no doubt the interest in photo and video is on the rise. How can you optimize your online marketing to capitalize on this trend?

Invest in quality

Video of home with Cornerstone

First, invest! Take high-quality (*keyword*) visuals of your products and services. These visuals act as attention-grabbers, enticing viewers to stop scrolling on their devices or browsing the web and take a moment to review your offerings. Creative angles and photo composition are a must, especially when aiming to stand out amongst the crowd.

This brief clip, for example, is the first major element to appear on Cornerstone Builders of Southwest Florida’s website. Not only does this graphic intrigue visitors upon browsing the website, it also illustrates the work they do in a compelling way.

Advertisements matter

Second, consider all the areas of your marketing that need improvement. Yes, you’ll certainly want your advertisements to follow suit, however, consider seemingly minor opportunities to capture your audience’s attention with a graphis. For instance, you can attract attention “above the fold” by ensuring your headers are appealing. That includes social media headers (cover images/videos) and the photos or videos displayed on your website’s homepage. Don’t rule these things out because they aren’t your primary advertising drivers; in fact, these visuals provide opportune moments to entice your audience to learn more about your brand or business.

Content is king

Horse creek video advertisement example

Third, content is king. Anyone can pick a pretty picture. The talent comes in selecting or creating a visual element that compels the viewer to click or learn more about the products you have or services you offer. What types of images will resonate with your audience most? What fuels their fire, and what makes them cringe? Learning these things about your target market will boost your ability to determine the correct visuals to bring them from prospect to loyal customer.

This portion of a Facebook advertisement graphic from Horse Creek, for example, highlights several key concepts, including that (1) they have beautiful, Old Florida style homes on (2) large homesites, in a community where (3) residents can relax and enjoy the finer things in life.

Your focus on visual elements can determine the success of your current endeavors, both on and offline. By emphasizing the aesthetic of your photo and video outputs, you can truly enhance your strategic plans, including increasing social media performance, ad response rate and sales overall. For more information about how effective design and visual content can help bring awareness to your brand, contact us today.