• marketing communication public relations social media email marketing fort myers

    Learn more about this exciting accomplishment!

  • marketing communication public relations social media email marketing fort myers

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  • samantha scott, apr name apex award recipient

    Pushing the Envelope, Inc. President Samantha Scott, APR has been selected as one of two recipients of the 12th Annual Apex Awards.

  • samantha scott, apr name apex award recipient

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Looking for marketing communication help?
You’ve come to the right place.

At Pushing the Envelope we partner with clients to create results-oriented, award-winning marketing communication strategies. Based in Fort Myers, Florida, we work with companies in a variety of industries from motorsports and attractions to medical and technology both regionally and nationally.

How can we help you?


Publicity, Community Relations, Internal Communication

Let us tell your story and create awareness for your brand.

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Media Planning, Design and Coordination

We'll negotiate the best deal and make your brand stand out - in a good way.

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Entire Sites, Redesigns, and More

Need a new look online or just a few tweaks? We're ready to help.

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Social Media, Email Marketing and ROI Tracking

We can engage your audience, generate leads - and prove it.

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Workshops, Breakout Sessions and Keynotes

A presenter on a national scale, Samantha can provide new insights and tips on marketing to any audience.

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SMS Marketing and List Development

Text message marketing is easier - and more powerful - than ever.

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Brand Development, Implementation and Strategy

Let us partner with you to take your brand to market - strategically.

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Digital, Print, Out-of-Home and More

We can bring your brand to life, create consistency and the results you seek.

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Custom Services and Custom Levels

5 categories of service, 3 levels, lots of options.

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“Pushing the Envelope has been fantastic to work with – not only are they smart, proactive, creative, and a complete pleasure to work with, but they are genuinely enthusiastic about what they do and how it relates to your business.”Stacey Mercado, BB&T- Oswald Trippe and Company

Understanding Analytics

Are you trying to determine how well your marketing tactics are performing? Want to know what’s working? What needs to change? Maybe you’ve read the reports or analytics provided by the marketing channels, but aren’t quite connecting the dots… We can help!

In our latest eBook, Understanding Analytics, we will break down analytics and the terminology used in several different marketing efforts from web to email to social media and more! Most importantly, you’ll learn what they mean, why they’re important for your business, and how to use them to improve performance. Don’t spend any more time mulling over confusing terms, download our FREE eBook today!

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