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Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is the most important part of the marketing communications mix; it’s the guiding framework for all your marketing efforts.

One of our core competencies at Pushing the Envelope is developing strategic marketing campaigns. We use a system that has been proven effective through ongoing measurement and evaluation across all projects. Our approach leverages the relationship between brand and consumer as the foundation for all strategic campaign elements.

Relationship Development

We start with the brand’s relationship with the consumer, or target audience. This is the foundation of all communication elements in a strategic marketing campaign. By learning absolutely everything we can about your target audience, we can better understand their needs and how your communications should speak to those needs. We do this through marketing research, discovery meetings, focus groups and independent research efforts in order to identify key insights into your target audience.

Goal Setting

The “goal” of a marketing strategy is the definition of success. Ideally, what exactly will the result be of this, and within what time frame? We also take care in developing “Key Performance Indicators” for each goal. These are smaller-scope metrics we monitor in order to see if everything is moving in the right direction. For a more in-depth explanation of this process, be sure to visit our Website Analytics (LINK) page.

Concept Discovery

This is the magical moment we work towards in the Relationship Development phase. It’s the moment where we find an overarching campaign concept that stems from a greater understanding of the target audience and their needs and wants. This is the “big idea” that is carried through each marketing channel, consistently and effectively, resulting in action on the part of the consumer.

Marketing Mix

The marketing mix, or marketing channel mix, is where we determine the most appropriate channels to serve the campaign concept. The “right” mix is typically the product of much discussion and collaboration between our team and brand leadership, varying from campaign to campaign. The goal, however, is always the same: Communicating the overarching idea as consistently and effectively as possible to the target audience by creating multiple touch-points and engagement opportunities.

Monitoring, Measuring and Optimizing

This is what separates our company from the rest of the pack. In any strategic marketing campaign, we place great importance on measuring and evaluating the campaign performance, in order to improve upon it. The process is called analytics, and the purpose is to make a campaign or marketing asset sequentially better until the campaign goals are accomplished.

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