Strategic Plan Improves The Dock’s Positive Online Reputation

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Pushing the Envelope, Inc. has a long-term relationship with The Dock at Crayton Cove. The restaurant enjoyed a largely positive reputation; however, during formal primary research into their month-to-month online reputation management (ORM) performance and rankings on review sites, PTE noticed an opportunity to improve the restaurant’s reputation and thereby increase business by taking a more advanced ORM approach on their reputation management platforms (Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook).

OBJECTIVES & STRATEGIES online reputation

The following objectives were to be completed within one year, by the end of January 2021: 

  • Consistently improve the monthly average rating of reviews, decreasing the percentage of negative reviews to consistently less than 20%,
  • Leverage customer relations strategies to improve reputation as evidenced by a consistent monthly average customer rating of 3.5-stars or higher starting in July 2020.

PTE assisted in enhancing the personal connection between The Dock and its patrons by:

  • Responding to 100% of reviews on Trip Advisor, Yelp, Google, and Facebook
  • Taking a personal approach to acknowledging and addressing reviews by posting a personal response to all reviews left on ORM sites on behalf of the General Manager to build a personal connection with guests and provide an authoritative figure to vent unmet expectations to
  • Proactively asking for reviews both online via various channels (inclusion in email, social media content linking) and in-person via restaurant staff
  • Identifying trends controlled in-house (food quality, service, atmosphere) and sharing both opportunities and issues with The Dock’s leadership consistently


  • By January 2021, The Dock’s online reputation received an average of only 16% negative reviews, many months even less, including January 2021, which was only 6%.
  • Average monthly customer reviews were 3.7 to 4.53 starting in July 2020.