Why PTE has Communication Strategists instead of Account Managers or Executives

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Titles have changed quite a lot over the years. From the airline industry (flight attendants vs. stewardesses) to business (Chief Visionary Officer, Director of First Impressions, etc.), we’ve seen changes that reflect our evolving culture.

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Some of these changes are meant to reflect respect, while others are just creative. Regardless of why they were changed or created, each title holds a meaning. Please, don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying the title makes the person or just because someone has a specific title that they are qualified. What I am trying to convey is that a title should mean something and the person that holds it should live up to it… that was our mindset when we established the “Communication Strategist” role within our company.


Communication strategists are architects of excellence in marketing communication. They are the primary point of contact, lead partner, for every client they work with. They go beyond shuttling information between our clients and our production team members. Communication strategists partner with their clients, identify their needs, set goals, and then execute SMART objectives (Strategic, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-bound) to meet or exceed those goals. They monitor trends, evaluate opportunities, generate ideas, test, and measure. They are fueled by innovation, analysis and generating results.


So what? You may be thinking, “this sounds like a lot of other advertising agency or marketing firm titles.” Sure, it’s similar, but it’s the essence of the title and the way we live it out that matters. We partner with our clients. We recognize and appreciate the responsibility we have in representing them. Our work directly impacts their business or organization’s brand, market share, and financial health. That’s serious.

Because we view our work with our clients as a partnership, we are focused on results. Marketing isn’t effective if it’s just eye-catching design or cleverly worded ads. It has to effect change and create measurable results (leads, sales, engagement). We align with our clients, providing data, education, and feedback. We don’t manage our clients or just liaise with them so the title of “Account Manager” or “Account Executive” doesn’t connect with us.

Our rationale is simple. It’s the belief of our founders, Samantha and Derek, that if you’re hiring a firm to enhance your marketing and grow your business, you’re looking for a partner, someone skilled in that area, and people that you can trust… not a manager or paper shuffler.Even the most seemingly minuscule of details, a title, can give you insight into how a company operates and how they treat their clients.

Even the most seemingly minuscule of details, a title, can give you insight into how a company operates and how they treat their clients. The choice is yours – partner or manager?


If you’re looking for a partner focused on marketing communication strategy, look no further. If you recognize a need for marketing, public relations, digital media or other related support, then you’ve come to the right place.

We enjoy coming alongside our clients, identifying and implementing strategies to help them realize the success they’ve been striving for. How can our communication strategists and other team members help your business? Contact us today to let us know.