Turning Chaos into Coverage – in a Good Way

In Case Studies by getpushing


Pushing the Envelope, Inc. (PTE) worked with Fischer Entertainment, a subsidiary of Scott Fischer Enterprises (SFE). SFE owns and operates numerous Harley-Davidson (HD) dealerships, one of which – Six Bends (SB), sits on 16 acres in Southwest Florida (SWFL), which is used as an entertainment center. In 2016, PTE worked with the marketing outreach coordinator (MOC) to produce a food truck event in coordination with an outside producer. SFE leadership was not interested in profiting from the event, rather they wanted to benefit from the exposure and create awareness for SB and the HD store. The target audience was residents and tourists in the SWFL area.

Strategy & Objectives

1. Host a successful food truck event generating 5,000 attendees within eight weeks and within budget

2. Generate awareness among Southwest Florida residents and tourists about SB, and generate attendance, via five media stories total, before and after the event.

The MOC coordinated logistics with the producer, informing her that the property could only hold 5,000 people and that was to be the attendance goal. The producer coordinated with all the food trucks, organizing their participation. PTE coordinated with the MOC and event producer to promote the event.

Promotion included:

  • Print advertising
  • Social media promotion across all channels and posts to SWFL groups on Facebook
  • News releases and listings on web calendars
  • Listings on SB’s website and the Harley-Davidson store’s website
  • Flyers production and distribution to store customers
  • Letter to neighboring businesses (inviting them and advising them of expected traffic)

The day of the event, attendees began arriving before the gates opened and poured in until the property had exceeded capacity. PTE took a direct approach, apologizing for the problems (traffic, wait times, food running out), and thanking patrons for attending. Immediately the tone of the commentary changed, attendees started supporting SB, encouraging others to be more understanding, providing suggestions and resources, and asking SB to host the event again. PTE responded to each. (193 comments and 22 shares on the apology post alone!)


SFE leadership were pleased with the event! They recognized the issues, but it had exceeded their goal of increased awareness about SB and the onsite dealership.

1. An estimated 15,000 people attended the event, three times the sizable goal. It was executed on schedule and under budget.

2. The event earned eight news stories (predominately positive despite issues) from print, online and TV sources, including a two-page spread A bonus, SB gained valuable feedback and ideas for hosting other events in the future including new processes and enhanced relationships with neighbors and County employees were developed.