Start With The Facts

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Fact sheets are just that: a one-page summary of facts about a company or organization. Fact sheets are typically posted on a company’s website and included in its media kit. They can also be used in business directory listings, award applications, etc. to give a quick and concise synopsis of a company, organization, event or product specifications.

Fact sheets on a company profile typically include the company’s full name, name of CEO, headquarters address, mailing address, web address, social media addresses, products and services provided, markets served, annual revenues, stock market abbreviation/symbol (if publicly traded), number of employees and position/ranking in the industry.

Fact sheets summarizing events typically include the event’s title, date and time, location, purpose/goal, sponsors, expected attendance or prior year attendance, timeline of festivities, beneficiaries (if a charity function), notable individuals or organizations involved and anything unusual or standout about the event.  If the event represents an award, then it should include the award and backdrop on the credibility or significance of the award.

Fact sheets about product specifications vary based on the product, but should include the product name, pricing, and availability. If it applies, one might also include level of convenience, how the product assists the consumer and nutritional information.

In all these examples, formatting is clear and concise with 2 to 3 categorizing headers to segment information. A fact sheet might follow the below example: