Happy Small Business Week – Succeed and Save with Compass!

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We’re excited to celebrate this year’s Small Business Week, and Small Business Month, by giving small businesses, startups, and nonprofit organizations a marketing boost where it’s needed most! We’re a small business too, so we know how important it is to spread the word about the awesomeness of your organization.

So how does a business or organization flourish without stellar marketing? Other than your good ol’ personal referrals and the reach of word of mouth, it can be difficult to efficiently and effectively reach the exact audience you’d like to target. Luckily, several other marketing techniques can work to grow your business and increase its profitability tremendously.

When was the last time you tapped into all the marketing avenues available to you? We’re talking about web development, social media, email marketing, blogging, and public relations. Which pieces of the puzzle are you missing, or which pieces could use a makeover? Let’s explore the opportunities you may have yet to discover:

Social Media:

You have a business Facebook Page, Twitter account, and Instagram account. That’s great! But are you using them to their fullest capacity, or in a strategic way that drives traffic to your website, storefront, etc.? We know the ins and outs for business on these social platforms as well as how to build and maintain positive, memorable relationships with customers.


Seems a bit hippie, we know. But did you know the impact blogging has on reaching and engaging a new audience? With copywriting expertise and knowledge of what it takes to write a highly optimized blog (complete with catchy headline, intriguing introduction, and captivating content), we can help increase your readership and provide sharable content to your audience.


We trust that you’re rocking a stellar website, but could you use some help sprucing it up with targeted key words, exciting visuals, and an easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly format? We have the key to developing web content in a way that will increase your search engine optimization and push your page toward the top of your web search.

Public Relations:

“What is it?” you might ask. “How do I broadcast my amazingness to the masses?” With years of public relations experience and relationship-building with the media, we can help share your unique story and translate media coverage to sales.

Email Marketing:

“Yes, I send tons of emails to my customers.” Great! But are you sending too many? What’s your open rate? Are people engaging and clicking, or are they not opening, or worse – unsubscribing? We have the tips and tricks to ensure that your readers keep opening your emails and engaging with your content.

Could you use a little help in these specific areas? You’ve come to the right place! Compass is the marketing resource you’re been looking for – designed to meet your specific needs and fall within your budget. With customizable kits in the services of public relations, email marketing, social media, blog, and website optimization, we have you covered with strategic planning, identifying target audiences, content development, message delivery, and performance tracking to make sure we’re giving you the most bang for your buck.

The best part? This month, We’re offering 50% off your first month with Compass for anyone that signs up to be a new client in the month of May. So, what are you waiting for? Take the leap now with Compass and lead your business to places it’s never been before! Contact us to learn more and find out if Compass is right for you.