Happy Father’s Day to the Man Who Teaches Us to Be Us

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Father's Day

As team PTE celebrates this Father’s Day, we’re recognizing the influential father figures in our lives with our favorite memories and how these men made a positive impact on the people we have become.

“When I was younger, I didn’t always realize the impact my father would have on the person I would become and my views on society. I have developed a strong appreciation for the man who raised me, and I am one of those lucky girls to have a father who I also consider to be one of my best friend. From my parents’ marriage and my dad’s example, I have learned what I want, what I deserve, and what I need in return to apply to my personal relationships.

Growing up, I struggled with developing my confidence as I attempted to find out who I was and where I fit in. I watched my father go through life without a care of what anyone thought of him and witnessed him work hard for everything he desired. I watched him brush off criticism and negativity without even a hesitation, continue to stay confident in himself and his abilities, and to live life in the most enjoyable way possible. My father has pushed me to strive for higher than what I thought I was capable of and has given me the courage and strength to be myself. He has thickened my skin and taught me that no one’s opinion of me matters but my own. He has joked, laughed, and even passed along his sense of humor and stubborn nature. He has shown me when to stand up and fight and when to compromise to the world around me.

My father has taught me what a true man is, and has also helped mold me into the woman I am today. Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads who have positively shaped their children and influenced them into a better version of themselves!”

-Devon Arcuri

“My dad taught me many things, much of which by example… He served our country in the military and is a proud first responder (Sheriff’s Deputy). He has lived his life serving others, standing up for what he believes in and giving back. I strive to mimic that in my personal and professional life.”

-Samantha Scott, APR

“I often think back to the day I came home from my first high school band camp, ready bury my head in a pillow and quit for fear of failure. My father was adamant about me returning the next day of camp, reminding me to never quit and encouraging me to do my best. His support led to four fantastic years as a high school clarinetist and many years

of overcoming obstacles with confidence. Little did we know our brief conversation would have lifelong implications. Thanks, Dad!”

-Vanessa Fernandez

“My dad has been an incredibly positive influence in my life – from Friday morning breakfasts before school growing up to coaching me on my high school’s freshman basketball team and late nights helping me edit school papers through college, he gives so much more than I and my family, or anyone for that matter, could ever ask for. To the hardest working and most dedicated, committed, loyal, loving, funny and supportive man I know, I love you, Dad, and I wish you the happiest Father’s Day!”

-Diana Leadley