Checking Into Barcelona

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The Barcelona Principles…although sounding an awful lot like an EU Summit meeting, they are, in fact, a declaration of measurement principles agreed upon by organizations, academics, businesses and even government within the public relations and marketing industry. In 2010, these measurement principles were decided upon and now, five years later, they have been updated.

So why the change? Many of you might be familiar with the old-school style public relations agency that said, “You need to place advertising, pitch stories to media, develop original and engaging content for your website and post to social media. We can’t track the success of it, we only know that it works from experience.” This notion of public relations has gone by the wayside. In 2010, the Barcelona Principles took a stand and said that all PR and marketing professionals needed to conduct measurement and evaluation against defined goals that were SMART- specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound.

Now, these guiding principles have been updated further to continue to provide the best measurement statistics available. Barcelona Principles 2.0 will allow the PR industry to continue to hold itself accountable and allow professionals to better understand the success of their efforts, where they need to revise their marketing plans and how valuable they are to their organization.

See the graphic below for a full list of the important changes. As an overview, the 2.0 Principles have widened the scope for PR measurement, reinforced the importance of integration, made the distinction between evaluation and measurement, included more focus on qualitative data and reinforced the need to be transparent, consistent and valid when presenting all data.

Welcome Barcelona Principles 2.0!