Michelle joins the PTE Internship Program!

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So far, what has been your favorite class in school?

My favorite class that I have taken so far was Consumer Behavior. It was really interesting to learn about what influences consumers to make decisions and what marketers can do to influence consumer perception of companies.

How long have you lived in Florida?
I was born and raised in Fort Myers, Florida.

Cats or Dogs?
I love both cats and dogs! Right now, I have a cat named Foxie.

What courses are you currently taking or plan to take that would be relevant to your experience at PTE?
I’m currently taking a Social Media Marketing course that I feel is relevant to my experience at PTE. I’m excited to learn more about social media from a company/advertiser perspective.

What is your favorite part about college?
My favorite part about college is being exposed to so many different community service, career and social opportunities. Every day, I learn about a different opportunity that can help me become more involved in the community or discover a new passion.