10th Anniversary- 10 Facts About Working with PTE

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We’re thrilled to be celebrating our 10th anniversary all month long and hope you’ll join us as we reflect on our past years of growth and success. In celebration of our 10 years, here are 10 facts we believe our current and potential clients ought to know about what it’s like working with us. (Hint: It’s awesome!)

1. We are partners. The projects and strategic goals we set out to complete are accomplished through a collaborative effort from PTE team members and our clients. We are in constant contact with our clients, developing new ideas and campaigns and we work best when we truly feel like we’re an extension of their organization.

2. We are based in Fort Myers, but our clientele spans across the U.S. Just because we’re located in one market doesn’t mean we can’t be equally effective in another. Being digitally savvy and having a variety of resources on-hand allows us to communicate and work with clients in different markets and industries.

3. We’re a diverse group of talent. Our team consists of individuals with a variety of professional talents. We all had different college majors, grew up in different regions and have diverse work backgrounds. This is what makes us stronger together.

4. We cater to many different industries. Mom always said, “Never put all your eggs in one basket.” We love working with a variety of businesses in different industries. Not only does this keep us on our toes, but it allows us to always ‘push the envelope’ and continue to learn and grow.

5. We’re forward thinkers. In this technologically savvy and quickly advancing world, we’re leaders in our field and take the initiative to stay up to date on the latest trends when it comes to marketing your company/ organization. Our team of experts not only offers consulting, branding, marketing and public relations services, we also help keep you informed about industry changes so that your business can stay a step ahead of the rest!

6. We customize our services based on your needs. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to marketing/public relations. We take a strategic approach and customize all of our marketing plans to each individual client. We research your industry and your company and make recommendations that will enhance your business.

7. We work in a fast-paced environment. We’re always connected, plugged in and ready to go with daily tasks, client communication and any unforeseen tasks or media opportunities that arise. With each new day, we’re ready to hit the ground running!

8. We focus on a Work-Life balance. We love what we do and hope that you love what you do as well, but we also need time away from the office to feel inspired and re-charge our batteries. Whether it’s a day at the beach, a friend’s wedding, a visit to see family or exploring a new city, we work hard so we can play hard.

9. We’re Thankful. We’re thankful to our clients, vendors, colleagues and friends who have supported us for the past 10 years. We’re thankful to be a part of this community and we strive to continually give back to that community. Whether through our Build Up program, our annual grant for marketing services that we offer to a local non-profit, or our CAN IT! food drive, PTE values doing good.

10. We love new ideas. We are constantly coming up with new plans and strategies for each of our clients. But, we’re also constantly challenging ourselves to be better, as individuals and as a company. Whether this means providing an after hours, value-added educational program like Power Hour, or offering an extensive internship program available for college students who are currently enrolled in a university.

If you’d like to meet us in person, or would love to celebrate our 10-year anniversary with us, please stop by our office on Jan. 29 from 5 to 7 p.m.! RSVP here to attend. We hope to see you there!