10 Marketing Communication Tips to Stay Ahead

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  1. Establish Your Brand– The image of your company and how that image is portrayed to the world should be a top priority. If you’ve never had a branding session and really asked yourself “Who are we?” contact PTE to set this up.
  2.  Have a Social Media Presence– Facebook has passed the one billion-user mark and Twitter now has 320 million active monthly users and both sites are still growing. Research which social media sites your target demographic is on, develop a strategy, and start posting informational and engaging content.
  3. Utilize Email Marketing– Another way to stay top of mind with your customers, employees, franchisees, board members, etc. is to create a branded newsletter with relevant information for each audience. Not only is this a great form of communication, but email marketing programs like MailChimp and Constant Contact also include measurement tools.
  4. Maintain Exceptional Customer Service– You can have the best marketing plan and public relations team in the world, but if you don’t maintain quality of service and positive relations with your stakeholders, eventually that negative reputation will spread.
  5. Be Aware of Your Online Reputation– Review sites like Yelp, Google+ and even Facebook are becoming extremely popular among customers to write about their experiences. If you’re not already monitoring these sites and responding to comments (both positive and negative) then let 2016 be the year you start.
  6. Don’t Forget Traditional Public & Media Relations– Don’t get swept up in the digital trends and forget about the tried and true methods of public relations. News releases, media relations and community involvement are just as important as it’s ever been.
  7. Optimize Your Website for Mobile- Most websites that were created within the past three years are probably already mobile optimized. But, with so much traffic coming from mobile these days, it’s a good idea to check with your web developer and make sure your website is up-to-date. There is also a difference between mobile-friendly, mobile-optimized and a responsive website. So again, double check.
  8. Prepare for a Crisis– You can’t always prepare for the unexpected, but having a crisis communication plan in place is a good place to start. Knowing whom within your organization will act as the spokesperson, who will handle media inquiries and the steps your organization needs to take to overcome the crisis are important facets to any crisis plan.
  9. Create Professional Graphics- Social media posts with graphics, photos or video get twice as much engagement. Be sure that you’re thinking creatively about ways to use these methods to increase the success of all your communication efforts and make sure the quality is top-notch.
  10. Be Involved in Your Community– Giving back to a charitable organization not only is a great cause, but it gives you another way to partner with other organizations, network and bring greater awareness to both businesses.