5 Tips to Fully Optimize Your LinkedIn Business Page

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samantha scott, apr, public relations fort myers

By: Samantha Scott, APR
Grand Poobah / Owner

By now I assume most of you reading this are familiar with LinkedIn® and the power it offers businesses, but are you familiar with how to fully leverage all of its features? We use LinkedIn® for our business, but also leverage it for our clients. In our newest eBook we offer 5 easy tips to help you fully optimize your LinkedIn business page.eBook cover

Formerly an “online resume” of sorts, LinkedIn® offers quite a lot to businesses, as well as individuals, now, but you have to know how to leverage it. It starts with creating a business page. If you’re not familiar with this part of LinkedIn®, I encourage you to visit their FAQ page for details.

LinkedIn® can be an excellent resource for businesses as well as the individuals that work for them. You can share company news, make connections and add to your communication network, if done properly. Overall, the concept is simple. Provide content and keep it current. Download our free eBook to learn our 5 tips for optimizing your page and if you have questions after reading it, feel free to contact us. info(at)getpushing.com or (239) 221-2858.